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                                About US

In 2001, they opened the old USSR tours from Kiev and Yalta, expanding over time and spreading to the regions (Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Baltics) and serving under the umbrella of the operators that have contributed to the growth, development and branding of the US for many years. company founders, industry 17 years experience of quality service quoted blends with the understanding Istanbul Wind Tourism, Travel and Transportation Company Limited 13 April 2011 'ISTWIND' title with and TÜRSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Association) 6960 No. a Group Travel Agency as its activities It discarded.


In the process, the problems and problems experienced in the sector have been carefully observed by our founders and the first job has been focused on the quality of service and moved to Kiev, the capital of central Ukraine, ISTWIND LTD. more professional but without losing the excitement of the first day, a more willing and more desirable formation has been caught.


Istwind Tourism is structured to understand its customers, feel their needs and make their lives easier. It develops fast, efficient and high quality processes in order to reach its business partners and progresses to be a part of the change and adapt its processes accordingly.


With the support of its young and dynamic founders, high performance team understanding, up-to-date and flexible technological infrastructure and effective processes, Istwind Tourism makes a difference in the competition with its solutions.


Considering the competitive conditions of today and tomorrow, it is inevitable that Tour Operators who have gained experience in many destinations and who create and reflect the brand culture. Istwind Tourism, in addition to these features; With the mission of ‘Tour Operator yap, yöntem Tourism izleyen is serving the sector with its creative, market trends, method and organization.

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