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As Istwind team, we have been providing local services in the Slavic Regions for many years (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia.......)

With the experience we gained and the staff who dominate the region, we continue our mission to provide better service to you every time from our new office in the region.

We provide services with special packages, programs, tours and events with a special approach to every demand, regardless of business branch, company size and budget.

Some of the topics that we can help are as follows;

New product promotion and launch / meeting and conference service / staff training and development support seminars from 10 people up to 1000 people / award tours for successful staff and dealers / national and international meetings, symposiums, interviews, sport activities organization and services and so on all kinds of transportation, accommodation, meals, tours and excursions, media introductions, with the participation of famous names entertainment and conversation activities together with yourself, your product, your brand to announce the best way, to promote, to make the success of the next to be able to be sustainable and upgradable; a phone call away

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